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– 7 courses
– €150 per person, excluding drinks
– Served on 24, 25 and 26 December
– Please mention any restrictions and allergies when booking

Again this year, chef Tso Min Cheng and maitre Arno de Maa sought out the finest products to shape the 7-course Michelin Christmas menu with special flavor combinations and eye-catching visualization of the dishes.

A wonderful combination has been selected of herbs and spices from our own soil as well as from all corners of the world:

– Seafood from the North Sea and Alaska
– Meat from southern Europe and Australia
– Poultry from the Netherlands and France
– Regional winter vegetables and Asian spices and fresh herbs

The 7-course Michelin Christmas menu can be accompanied with a fine wine arrangement of €70 per person, a tea arrangement of €42 per person or fine sake´s. 

Takeaway menu Christmas 2023

If you prefer to dine at home, we also offer a takeout menu. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy our culinary creations in the comfort of your own home. You can pick up our Chinese and Vietnamese rice tables on Dec. 24, 25 and 26.


Chinese rice table: €50 for two people
Vietnamese rice table: €47 for two people

Order by calling +31 226 410 118 or by email at

Please indicate which menus you would like to pick up, the date and your name and phone number.


A beautifully curated menu featuring the finest and best products, which will let chef Tso Min Cheng’s cooking style shine and will delight your taste buds with the flavors Red Chilli is known for!

This menu can only be ordered per table

Couvert price 110 euros (Excluding wine pairing)

Corridor 1

Cold Vietnamese spring roll stuffed with seasonal vegetables and nuts, layered with Yellowfin tuna & salmon, served with cream of Chinese beans, radish kimchi and massamancurry.

Corridor 2

Cod fillet gently cooked with an XO cream, With a fine broth of rice wine/sake & ginger/wood onion.

Corridor 3

Tartare of wagyu beef with steamed scallop & poached farmhouse quail egg, topped with a cream of Thom Ka Kai.

Corridor 4

Sui Kao stuffed with King prawn served with a laksa sauce topped with dried Bonito flakes.

Corridor 5

Gently cooked Livar pig with duck liver and cream of chestnut, king mushrooms with spices/chili powder

Corridor 6

Roasted lamb tenderloin and iberico with Thai spicy mango sauce with sweet soy, prawn and cream of beet made with hoisin and baileys.

Corridor 7

Madagascar vanilla ice cream with crumbs of speculoos and peanuts and macadamia nuts in salted caramel.

With the classic menu, we also serve matching glasses of wine, at eight euros fifty per glass, which beautifully support the menu. If you have any dietary requirements and/or intolerances, please let us know.


Chef Tso Min Cheng likes to surprise you with his dishes, which are often inspired by the season. Products that at the time translate into flavors and colors, which are composed like a painting, into a poetic poem, stimulating all your senses.
You can always indicate your restrictions, and the surprise menu will be adjusted accordingly. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Minimum of 2 covers per table

4 Course Menu: – 60 euros p.p.

5 Course Menu: – 75 euros p.p.

6 Course Menu: – 90 euros p.p.

7 Course Menu: – 105 euros p.p.

With the Chefs Menu, we can provide a matching wine pairing for you.


Salmon trilogy
Nuocman | Soybean syrup | Pesto
21 euros

Sashimi mix
Yellowfin tuna |Shetland Salmon | Atlantic sea bass
23 euros

Yellowfin tuna tartare
Vintage soy | Horseradish | Sesame
23 euros

Vietnamese spring roll
Kimchi radish | Massaman curry | Seasonal vegetables
14,50 euro

Wagyu tartare
Vintage soy | Horseradish | Sesame
24 euro


Scallop Saint-Jacques
Steamed | Soy | Garlic
24 euro

King Gamba

Ravioli | Coconut | Laksa
23.50 euro

Farm quail

Foiegras | Umeboshi | Sea salt
20 euro

Tom kha kai

Soup | coconut | lemongrass | corn-grouse
15.50 euro



+/- 750 grams | Fried | Butter-soy
Daily price


Steamed | Lapsong vintage tea | Soy sauce | Spring onion
Daily price

Seasonal vegetables

Carrot | Baby celeriac | Truffle
26.50 euro

Cod fillet

Kai choi | Citrus Vinaigrette | X.O.
31 euros

Fish pot

Tausi | prawn | brill | salmon | scallop
42 euros


Farm corn-husk

Green Curry | Soy
28.50 euro


Procureur | Daikon | Braised eggplant
34 euros

Suckling pig-rack

Green radish | Lily flower | Spicy mango sauce
42.50 euro

“USA Grain Fed” beef

Aged & marbled | Baked | Lacquered in soy
45 euro

Wagyu Gold Label

Entrecôte | Fried | Jus enriched with vadouvan
64 euro

MRIJ beef loin stew

Massaman curry | Braised | Spicy
31 euros

All main dishes on this page are served with your choice of white rice, fried rice, udon or mihuna.